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If you’ve considered plastic surgery, you might have a decent amount of questions before you decide on the procedure that is right for you. Before undergoing surgery, you want to make sure that you’re fully informed and that you know exactly what to expect. Keep reading to see some frequently asked questions that your plastic surgeon gets.

Plastic Surgeon Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does a plastic surgeon do?

A. A plastic surgeon can perform cosmetic or reconstructive surgery. You can reshape certain parts of your body to look the way that you want. You should be sure to talk to a plastic surgeon that is board-certified and that can fully care for you and give you the best results you can get.

Q. Am I a good candidate for plastic surgery?

A. Plastic surgery can help rejuvenate your appearance and change things that you may be self-conscious about. Your plastic surgeon will go over your medical records to make sure that you’re healthy enough to withstand plastic, but as long as you’re physically and emotionally healthy, you should be a great candidate for plastic surgery.

Q. Does plastic surgery hurt?

A. You may feel some soreness or slight discomfort as you begin to heal, but your plastic surgeon will work with you to make sure that you’re as comfortable as possible and that you heal well. Some procedures may leave you with minimal discomfort and some might last a little longer, it depends on the nature of your surgery.

Q. Does all plastic surgery look fake?

A. No, it doesn’t. It’s easy for your plastic surgeon to create a natural look that isn’t completely changing the way that you look. Plastic surgery is used to enhance your features and make you more comfortable in your own skin.

Find out if plastic surgery is the right option for you. If you have any further questions, contact your plastic surgeon at Constructive Plastic Surgery in Garden City, NY, at (516) 742-3404.

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