Flap Reconstruction

Flap Reconstruction in Trumbull, CT

Dr. Anke Ott Young is a highly renowned surgeon specializing in breast reconstruction surgery for over two decades. Dr. Young also works with an expert and a highly esteemed team of breast surgeons at breast cancer centers throughout the northeast, including Connecticut and Long Island. When it comes to getting breast reconstruction, especially after breast cancer, you want a gentle, compassionate and highly skilled surgeon to provide you with the results you want in a safe, comfortable environment. Here’s what to expect when you turn to Dr. Young and her team at Constructive Plastic Surgery for flap reconstruction.

What is Flap Reconstruction?

Flap reconstruction or autologous tissue reconstruction is a procedure that helps improve the breast's shape after a mastectomy. Instead of placing a silicone implant into the breast to restore the shape and size, Dr. Young will use tissue from other areas of the body like the thighs or tummy to rebuild your breast. The benefit is that we use your tissue, so the results are natural.

Should I Consider Flap Reconstruction Over an Implant?

Before getting breast reconstruction, there is a lot to consider, and it’s important to discuss all your needs and goals with our team so we can provide you with the ideal technique and treatment option. While there are always pros and cons to any procedure, some of choosing flap reconstruction include,

  • Using your own body’s tissue ensures that the breasts both look and feel like natural breasts
  • Not having to turn to synthetic material to restore or rebuild the breasts
  • Removing excess skin from another area of the body can provide additional benefits to the overall shape and appearance of your body
  • This procedure is for life, while breast implants will eventually need to be replaced
  • Since we use your tissue, there is little to no risk that your body will reject the tissue over an implant

Dr. Young and the Constructive Plastic Surgery team are here to address any questions or concerns you might have about flap reconstruction and whether it’s right for you. To schedule a no-risk consultation, call our team at (516) 742-3404.

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