Oncoplastic Surgery

What Is Oncoplastic Surgery In Garden City, NY? 

Thanks to the amazing advancements in medical technology, our cosmetic and reconstructive surgical team are able to provide oncoplastic surgery for breast cancer patients, which offers some unique cosmetic benefits.

During oncoplastic surgery, both the removal of the tumor and reconstructive surgery is performed at once to not only remove the cancerous growth but also to reconstruct the shape and appearance of the breasts immediately so patients don’t have to deal with asymmetrical or physically altered breasts after their lumpectomy.

During your consultation, we will plan out your lumpectomy and your immediate breast reconstruction to determine whether or not we will need to also operate on the breast that does not have cancer in order to improve the overall symmetrical of the patient’s breasts. We place pre-pectoral breast implants, which means that the implant is placed on top of the pectoral muscle, which makes the implant more comfortable and less likely to cause muscle pulling or tightness as compared to implants that are placed under the pectoral muscle.

While many women can be great candidates for a lumpectomy and immediate breast reconstruction this is something to discuss with your oncologist and our surgical team to make sure that this is the right choice for you.

One of the most obvious benefits of oncoplastic surgery is that the patient doesn’t have to undergo multiple surgeries, but rather, can have the cancerous tumor removed and the breast rebuilt on the same day. As you might imagine, this can also improve a patient’s confidence level knowing that any changes to the overall shape or appearance of their breasts after their lumpectomy have already been repaired.

Also, since the implant is placed on top of the pectoral muscles where the natural breast tissue once was, this also offers a more comfortable and realistic appearance over implants that are placed under the muscle.

If you have questions about oncoplastic surgery or the other breast reconstructive surgeries we offer here in Trumbull, CT and Garden City, NY, call (516) 742-3404 for Constructive Plastic Surgery and to schedule a consultation. 

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