Minimally Invasive Revision Surgery

What Is Minimally Invasive Revision Surgery In Garden City, NY?

 Have you already undergone reconstructive surgery but had problems that left you with results that were less than what you had hoped? Have other surgeons or doctors told you that you aren’t an ideal candidate for reconstructive surgery? If so, it’s time to get a second opinion. Here at Constructive Plastic Surgery, we’ve handled a variety of challenging and difficult cases that other doctors deemed hopeless. Sometimes patients are dealing with pain and discomfort from previous surgeries and they are hoping to find relief. Whatever the case might be, our cosmetic and reconstructive surgical team can help.

We are proud to offer revision surgeries for patients with problematic reconstructions even for patients deemed hopeless by other surgeons. Most patients  who present to our office with pain or deformities resulting from previous surgeries have already undergone a series of surgical procedures including  invasive flap surgeries.  We are very focused on  minimizing the invasiveness of our revision surgeries to spare the patient further downtime, pain and donor site complications. Using liposuction and fat transfer we build a matrix of healthy tissue on the patient's chest wall, fill in rippling and indentations and correct asymmetries. 

Women who’ve received breast implants after a mastectomy often get implants that are surgically placed under the muscle, which can stretch the area and cause chronic chest pain. Here at Constructive Plastic Surgery, our team of surgeons only places prepectoral breast implants to prevent the pain and discomfort that’s often associated with under-the-muscle implants.

Furthermore, patients coming into our office for revision surgery are probably a bit concerned or wary of undergoing further procedures. Our goal is to minimize the invasiveness of your revision surgery to lessen side effects and reduce your recovery time. We understand how important it is for you to get the treatment you need without undergo further invasive surgeries. During your consultation we will talk with you about the different treatment options that are right for you based on your specific needs so that you are fully informed about your options before making a decision.

With minimally invasive revision surgery our cosmetic surgery will also use techniques such as liposuction and fat transfer to rebuilt healthy tissue within the chest wall to correct any abnormalities, ripples, indentations, or other issues that may have occurred from past reconstructive surgeries.

Women with textured silicone implants that are concerned about the increased risk of breast implant-associated lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) may also want to come into our office for a second opinion. We perform implant exchanges, in which we remove the textured silicone implant and replace it with a smooth implant to reduce the risk for implant-associated lymphoma. Furthermore, for patients who’ve had to undergo radiation, they may be faced with capsular contracture, which causes tightness and deformity of the scar tissue caused by breast implant surgery. Instead of resorting to further surgery we can administer simple fat injections into the area to fill out and reduce the appearance of the scar tissue.

If You Have Questions About Minimally Invasive Revision Surgery Or You Want To Get A Second Opinion About Reconstructive Surgery Call Constructive Plastic Surgery at (516) 742-3404 To Schedule Your Consultation.

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