Oncoplastic Surgery

Dr. Anke Young can provide oncoplastic surgery in Garden City, NY, or Trumbull, CT, to help many women overcome breast cancer problems. This surgery has become a popular option for women recovering from this cancer and can help restore their cosmetic appearance. If you're interested in this treatment, it is important to know how it works and whether it is right for your needs.

How This Surgery Can Help You

Cosmetic surgeons provide this care to help women recover from various appearance-based problems after breast cancer surgery. The goal is to help reshape or reconstructing one or more breast affected by cancer surgery. Surgeons carefully rebuild the tissue in and around the breasts to restore their appearance, giving them the shape and heft necessary to keep them looking symmetrical.

This therapy will vary based on things like your appearance, your overall health, and the results of your surgery. Oncoplastic surgery in Garden City, NY and Trumbull, CT, may also vary based on the surgeon's skill and your insurance coverage. Understanding these considerations can help you decide if this surgery is the best option for your breast cancer recovery.

Considerations Before Treatment

While this therapy may work well for many people, it is important to take various considerations into account before planning your therapy. Here are four things that you need to understand before you get this therapy, including your:

  • Overall Health: While this surgery isn't too demanding on the body, it is still important to consider your overall health, including your heart strength, before surgery.
  • Insurance Coverage: Federal law dictates that insurance covers reconstructive surgery for breast cancer, though your copays may vary depending on your policy.
  • Potential Allergic Reactions: Talk with the surgeon about this therapy to learn more about any medications they may use and any allergic reactions you may experience.
  • Expectations: This surgery should restore your breasts to an attractive state, though your results may vary depending on your overall health and the surgeon.

Thankfully, this therapy rarely triggers any serious side effects or long-term complications. You may feel sore for several days after treatment and may wear a wrap for a week to protect your breasts. It is also important to minimize strain or impact on the chest after completing this therapy.

Let Us Help You

If you think this procedure is right for your needs, please let Dr. Young provide the oncoplastic surgery you need in Garden City, NY. Our experts will help prepare you for this process and ensure that you are safe. Don't forget that we also have an office in nearby Trumbull, CT, that can also serve your needs. Call us at (516) 742-3404 to set up an appointment.

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