What Our Plastic Surgeon Can Do for You

Anke Ott Young M.D., Ph.D., is a specialist in pectoral reconstruction and revision surgery for women that have had breast cancer, accepting patients to her Garden City, NY clinic, that other surgeons have deemed hopeless.

What Dr. Young Can Do for You

Cancer is a horrible disease to suffer through, and a breast cancer mastectomy can leave women mourning the loss of a breast. Strong emotions and feelings of disfigurement can result from being left with a reminder of what you have recently endured dealing with cancer. Breast reconstruction surgery helps former breast cancer survivors move forward again.

Dr. Young helps women recovering from a mastectomy return to the feeling of wholeness they now mourn. Dr. Young is an expert plastic surgeon who performs reconstruction surgery for breast cancer survivors in and around Garden City, NY. She recommends the most appropriate technique for his patients based on age, overall lifestyle, and health, taking your desired appearance and goals into account.

What to Expect

Dr. Young is an expert, often working with cases deemed hopeless by other specialists. The desired outcome for her patients having reconstructive surgery is a balanced appearance, also known as symmetry. Before any surgery, Dr. Young briefs her patients on what to expect during and after surgery. She sets expectations for appearance and how your reconstructed breast may differ in appearance or feeling.

Every patient has different needs after a mastectomy, so Dr. Young will create a customized approach for each patient that accounts for her specific needs and desired outcome, then explain the procedure and the goals of the reconstruction. Many women may also opt for the reconstruction process to be a time also to enhance the appearance of their breasts and require guidance in customizing the shape, size, and feel of their new breasts.

Breast reconstruction can use various methods, including tissue transfer or the use of implants. Dr. Young is experienced in all procedures and guides patients towards the best methodology for their desired outcome.

Post-surgery outcomes are seen after recovery is complete, and follow-up appointments might be necessary based on the goals of the surgery. The breast reconstruction procedure has favorable results among patients as it restores a sense of femininity and confidence among Dr. Young’s patients.

Plastic Surgeons Dr. Anke Ott Young, Dr. Mary Pronovost, and Dr. Christine Hodyl Garden City, NY office is taking new patients for reconstructive surgery to help them regain their normalcy after their battle with breast cancer. The office can be reached at (516) 742-3404.

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