Oncoplastic Surgery FAQs

If you are a woman who has been diagnosed with breast cancer and are concerned about the best reconstruction possibilities, contact the office of Dr. Anke Young today. Our professional team also includes Dr. Mary Pronovost and Dr. Christine Hodyl. If you live in Garden City, NY, call about Oncoplastic Surgery at Constructive Plastic Surgery.

What Is Oncoplastic Surgery?

Oncoplastic surgery is a unique type of surgery in which the tumor is removed, and breast reconstruction can begin at the same time. There are still many questions about this procedure, so let's look at some of the most frequently asked ones now.

FAQs About Oncoplastic Surgery

How Long Does The Surgery Last?

Breast size can affect the length of surgery. Overall, when you have Oncoplastic Surgery in Garden City, NY, the procedure may last 2 to 3 hours.

Why Is This Type of Surgery Important?

Breast tissue can become deformed if reconstruction occurs too late. Radiation can actually make it worse. Therefore, if construction can be applied as soon as possible after the tumor removal, it can increase the appearance of the breast.

How Is It Performed?

The breast surgeon and the plastic surgeon work in cohesion. First, the lumpectomy ( tumor removal) is completed, and then the plastic surgeon starts working on the reconstruction.

Can Any Patient Have This Type of Procedure?

Your plastic surgeon and your breast surgeon will be able to provide specific information about whether you are a candidate for this procedure. Normally, the best candidates for this procedure are cancer patients that have single tumors or smaller breasts. Women with larger breasts may have to deal with a significant size reduction.

Does Insurance Cover It?

Most health insurance will cover this procedure. However, you should always check with your specific policy as the amount of coverage may vary.

If you are a breast cancer patient, don't hesitate to contact Dr. Young, Dr. Pronovost, and Dr. Hodyl for Oncoplastic Surgery in Garden City, NY. Call Constructive Plastic Surgery today at (516) 742-3404, so we can help you on the road to recovery.

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