What Is Considered Breast Reconstruction?

How a breast reconstruction from the doctors in Garden City, NY, can help you.

Breast cancer is a scary diagnosis. It’s reassuring to know that if you need to have your breasts removed partially or completely, you have reconstruction options. After all, your breasts are an important part of you, and you deserve to feel great about yourself and your appearance.

Drs. Anke Ott Young, Mary Pronovost, and Christine Hodyl at Constructive Plastic Surgery in Garden City, NY, offer a wide variety of plastic surgery services, including breast reconstruction.

When you have breast reconstruction surgery, you can be confident your natural contours and breast fullness will be restored. Your plastic surgeon can help you decide on the right choice for you. These are the breast reconstruction options for you to consider:

An implant breast reconstruction, which uses saline or silicone gel implants; these implants are placed in your breasts. This type of breast reconstruction surgery has a shorter surgery time and a shorter recovery period. Implants last between 10 and 15 years, so you will need implant replacement surgery at a later date.

A flap reconstruction, which uses donor tissue from your belly or thigh; the tissue rebuilds your breasts, reconstructing breast fullness and volume. This type of reconstructive surgery typically doesn’t need any additional surgery later on.

A nipple reconstruction, which brings back the appearance of your nipple; this surgery is performed 3 to 4 months after reconstructive surgery.

Breast reconstruction surgery can happen immediately after you have a mastectomy. This is known as immediate breast reconstruction and has the benefit of restoring the appearance of your breasts with only one surgery. You can also choose to have a delayed breast reconstruction, at a time of your choosing.

There are some factors to consider when planning your breast reconstruction surgery. If you smoke, carry excess weight, or you need more treatment after your mastectomy, these issues may affect when you have your reconstruction surgery. Your doctor can help you plan your surgery and what type of surgery is best for you.

To learn more about breast reconstruction surgery, call Drs. Anke Ott Young, Mary Pronovost, and Christine Hodyl at Constructive Plastic Surgery in Garden City, NY. You can reach them at (516) 742-3404, so call today.

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